Friday, March 18, 2011

Arrived Safely in Bolivia

Kathy and I have now arrived safely in La Paz, Bolivia.  Guillermo, the president of the church put us up in a small apartment that he owns until we can get a place of our own.  The apartment does not have internet service, however.  So I am writing this from the hotel where Missionary Lorenzo is staying. Guillermo promised that he would get us set up with internet service soon.  The apartment also does not have a phone.  We purchased a cheap cell phone, but still have to get it registered before we can use it.  

Our first day of activities include:
  • Installing Wireless USB internet connection -- it is slow, but workable  
  • Registering our cell phone
  • Finding out that our residence visa paperwork will take at least one month to process
  • Receiving a personal guia (guide) from Guillermo to accompany us on all our errands to receive our visa
  • Meeting the lawyer who will be helping us get our visa
  • Making copies of passports, getting photos taken, etc... for visa paperwork
  • Meeting with the lawyer again to get started on obtaining the two required good conduct certificates for our visa
Missionary Philip and Kathy recently moved from Santiago, Dominican Republic. Learn more about our new mission in Bolivia at

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