Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Blog Features

We wanted to share a brief update regarding the new information tools on the blog.

There is a gadget in the left hand column marked "Learn More".  Under this heading you will find additional links to learn more about LATTE and what we do.  The first item is "View Photo Gallery" which takes you to a Flickr gallery of almost 200 photos.  

The next item takes you to "Check Out Recent Updates" posted on the work of LATTE.  Then there is the opportunity to click on "Meet The Students" to find interviews and updates of past and current LATTE students.  We are planning to post more interviews in the near future.  

For those who like to cook, you can "Try Authentic Recipes" originating from the different countries we serve.  We welcome any comments, recommendations, or requests about the recipes. The following link provides teachers or group leaders to "Utilize Classroom Resources" for activities in school or at special events.  

The remaining two items put you in touch with WELS World Missions. Click on "Request a Mission Speaker" to schedule a mission speaker on LATTE at your congregation, school, ladies group, LWMS rally, or other special event.  (If you are unable to open the pages on WELS Connect, please contact Peg directly at 414.256.3293 or email her at wmspeaker@wels.net).  Through the Mission Information Center (MIC), you can "Order a Mission Kit" on LATTE.  We are currently updating the materials in all the LATTE kits this summer.  In the near future,  keep an eye out for the new "Timeline" link that will provide the history of LATTE.

As many of you have requested, there is a current map along with ministry details under the tab near the top of the blog page called "Where We Serve".  

Our goal on this blog is to inform you of the past, present, and future work the LATTE missionaries are doing throughout Latin America as well as staying connected to you.  Thank you for your continued support!

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