Friday, April 20, 2012

Brazil - Update

In the southern city of Gravataí, Rio Grande do Sul (RS), Pastor Elcy serves the congregation Jesus Salvador. 

About 18 hours northwest, Pastor Roberto serves as a missionary, working with a small group in President Prudente, São Paulo (SP). 

Evangelist Gilberto actively assists Pastor Charlie of Estrela de Belén in serving the congregation's needs with zeal in the town of Dourados, Mato Grosso do Sul (MS).

LATTE Professor Natán serves as the WELS Friendly Counselor for the Brazilian Lutheran Church. He provides theological training for Evangelist Gilberto and offers continued education courses to Pastor Elcy and Pastor Roberto.

The Brazilian Lutheran Church (ILB) is planning its biennial convention this spring.  At the convention, delegates will ask for the Spirit's guidance as they discuss how to combat the increasing temptation of materialism and its effects on Christian stewardship in Brazil's improved economy.  They will also seek the Lord's favor to provide additional servant-leaders for the church, both among the laity and in the public ministry.  

 The ILB is a relatively small church body and growth is slow, but the recent confirmation of three teenagers and return of some delinquent members shows God is still blessing the preaching of his Word.

Retired Missionary Charlie and Beth continue to serve the ILB as active volunteers.

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