Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mining the Gospel's Gems in Greek

Back in January as we were starting new classes in a new year, I shared that I was going to teach a Church History course from Mexico over Skype with three students in Colombia.  Recently I also began teaching Greek to two of those students.  I remain in Mexico; they remain in Colombia.  As long as all three of us have power and Internet, we should be ok.

The Holy Spirit in his divine wisdom chose to inspire the evangelists and apostles to write the New Testament using the Greek language of their time.  Pastors who are called to preach and teach the gospel faithfully will want to be able to mine the gospel's treasures in its original language as much as possible.

My prayer is that as Jairo and Raúl learn Greek grammar, analyze and understand its forms, and grow their Greek vocabulary, they will come to appreciate why the Holy Spirit chose this language, which tends to be quite exact and at the same time colorful, to reveal his gospel in the New Testament.  May it lead to a lifetime of mining the gospel's gems together with faithful translation and interpretation of gospel truth.

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