Saturday, October 27, 2012


The Santisima Trinidad congregation here in Medellin, [Colombia] is a vibrant congregation with members who share the gospel with joy to all in their circles. [One] Sunday, we witnessed one of the ways that this works. 

A young woman came as a guest of a member. She and her hostess sat in front of us [Larry and Marlene] during Bible class. The class was dedicated to a study of the confessions of the Lutheran church. As all Lutheran members know, these confessions are based on the Bible truths and what we confess about them. However,it can be a bit confusing to a first time visitor to our church. All through the class the hostess was explaining what the teacher was sharing. At the end of the class the teacher went out of his way to welcome the visitor.

In the recess between class and the worship service, the other women of the congregation literally lined up to introduce themselves and give her a warm welcome. I heard many short encouragements being given to her to continue to hear the Word. After the church service as the crowd thinned, I had a chance to introduce myself. The young woman told me she so enjoyed the service, the sermon and the friendly people. She plans to return for the next Sunday. Meanwhile her hostess friend and others plan to call on her in her home this week with gospel encouragement. I will probably go along as I am often included in the ladies activities while we are here.

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